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This is a Catalog of Generators of Life Force
(= Chi Generators®, Orgone Generators®, or Prana Generators®),
Orgonite®-Accessories to the Generators and Software.
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Below:  a list of the orgone generators® and accessories !!
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world orgonite water enhancer AO 1100 RAD 1000 orgonite radionics machine orgonite chi generator JU 99 orgonite water enhancer AO 2000 orgonite chi generator Affirmation Machine PCHD PBT orgonite power booster link to video calling manifestation software for orgonite chi generators filter packs ATG 12 orgonite ring chi generator RAD 5 orgonite ring chi generator performer affirmation machine RAD 2400 orgonite radionics machine RAD 2000 orgonite radionics machine RAOPTC orgonite Large Transfer orgonite chi generator JU 99 orgone shooter CS 1000 RAD 1000 orgonite radionics machine orgonite chi generator Affirmation Machine PCHD chi-card TC 99 orgonite transfer couple orgonite chi generator LPOG 2400 dl orgonite chi generator JU 1000 orgonite chi generator affirmation machine pfc 2000 orgonite chi generator LPOH 2400 HD PBT orgonite power booster orgonite water enhancer AO 2000 orgonite water enhancer AO 1100 HSCTI headquarters HSCTI headquarters to europe to europe to europe to europe S. Purwohadi Portugues S. Purwohadi Japan to europe mexico HSCTI headquarters Brazil Argentina Bec_Sandor_Dezsi Sports Ghana Australia South Africa
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By now you can put your life and destiny into the best possible hands, which are your own, of course!
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It's easy, it's fun, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid
back and relax while you expect assured success!

The following applications of this extremely powerful new manifestation technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, orgone radionics™ devices, orgonite® accessories and Manifestation Software.  Click below on the links of your choice for a wealth of information about the many applications of this extremely versatile technology.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

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