The Chi Generators® (Orgone Generators®)
are ideal devices to energize yourself and to add power to all actions at a distance, such as in combination with a manifestation program or with an older-type radionics device (any device without built-in Chi Generator®). All radionics devices from HSCTI have built-in generators of life energy (Chi Generators®)
Chi Generators®: The JU 99 CE = Junior 99 Chi Energizer™, the JU 1000, the LPOG 2400 DL = Low Pulse Orgone Generator® deLuxe, the LPOG 2400 HD = Heavy Duty Orgone Generator®, the PFC series and the Performer 2400 = Heavy Duty Specialty Device for Sports, Fitness, Weight management and Bodybuilding.
Note: do not get fooled by "clever" marketers who are selling mere orgone accumulating devices (such as pendants and blobs of orgonite®) that they falsely label as “orgone generators®”.

The Manifestation Programs
As is the case with the Device, which makes abstractions permanent (the "Radionics" devices), the purpose of the Manifestation Program is to establish structural links. The purpose of a Chi Generator® is the generating of life force, or Chi energy.  In fact, the Manifestation Programs are Power Radionics™ Programs, because you connect them structurally with your Chi Generator®, which adds Power to your Manifestation work.
Manifestation Programs: The RI 2400 CD Manifestation Program™ and the Super Manifestation™ Program.

Accessories to the Chi Generators® Abstraction Technology Devices™ ("radionics devices"):  The Power Boosters, the Transfer Couples, the Filter Packs and the CD's for the PCHD

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